Mu Online S6 Ep15 x5

Will be opened on 15 of August 2021!


Mu Online S6 Ep15 x5 Customs

MuOnline with 65 New Sets and Good PVP Balance!


Mu Online S6 Ep15 x5 Security

We have the best AntiDos / AntiCheat Systems!


MU MOLDOVA - Server created to remember the best of MuOnline!

So our plan is to open a New Season 6 + S15 Items, Maps etc...

Exp: x5 | Drop: 30% | Max Resets: 35 | Max Grand Resets: 10 | Grand Reset From: 35 Reset

  • A MuOnline Season 6 Server with customs from Season 15
  • Balanced PVP, choose your class and come to battle.
  • NPC ELF Buff till 220 lvl.
  • New systems.
  • Helper (Clicker) System
  • Intense PVP, Guild War, new PVP events.
  • Jewelry and valued items.
  • New bosses, events and currency exchange system.
  • Various updates we always seek the best for the server to have improvements.
  • After Sign up you'll get 7 days of VIP Premium!


Join Us On 15 August 2021 at 20:00 GMT+2!
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